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June is already off to a great start at swissnex Boston with our interactive exhibit "Handshake" now live as well as events from Innovation+ including the Patient Advocacy + workshop and the the Virtual Swiss US Energy Innovation Day! We are also thrilled to bring you the third issue of [ experiment_ ] in the next weeks.

Looking forward to the rest of June, we have more exciting things planned, including our new monthly event series CrossLinks. More on all of that below!

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Lately at swissnex Boston + NYC


Handshake Installation is Live | Last week we kicked off our month long interactive installation of Handshake from design duo AATB. The opening event gave attendees the chance to learn about their work and this installation. If you weren't able to join us for the discussion, you can watch the event recording.

Biology and Behavior | Last month was our first virtual LASER Boston talk. Tune in and watch Andreas Beerli, Tobias Pforr, Amy Bucher, and David Goodsell discuss their cross-disciplinary perspectives on "Shaping Biology & Behavior."

Patient Advocacy + | We had an extremely productive and successful workshop exploring the local culture of patient advocacy philanthropy in Boston. Discussing best practices and insights for connecting to and utilizing those resources. You can read some of the key takeaways from the workshop soon on our Medium.

Next Events


Handshake: Robotics and the Human Touch | swissnex Boston

The next event in our series accompanying the Handshake installation is this virtual panel event, featuring AATB and four industry experts from Switzerland and the US.
Thursday, June 11 | RSVP

[ experiment_ ] Solitude | swissnex Boston
As we increase digital connectivity we are also experiencing one of the largest episodes of physical isolation. For our next issue we take a dive into the topic of solitude. 
COMING SOON  | Stay tuned!

Handshake: Robotics and Intuitive Interaction | swissnex Boston

The third event in the Handshake series is a collab with the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan. This panel will include robotics experts from Japan and the US and AATB.
Wednesday, June 17 | RSVP

CrossLinks | swissnex Boston
Join CrossLinks, our virtual community space, for some free-flowing togetherness meeting once a month!
Wednesday, June 17 | RSVP

2020 Interdisciplinary SNSF Fellows Conference 
The Swiss National Science Foundation fellows in the US will be giving a series of presentations at the end of June. Click 'sign up' to receive more information.
End of June | Sign Up

Press Review


Mathematics Can Save Lives at Sea | An international research collaboration led by ETH Zurich and MIT has developed a mathematical method that can speed up search and rescue operations at sea. The new algorithm accurately predicts locations to which objects and people floating in water will drift.

ETH Zürich

Swiss Jazz Yodeler Started 'Dinner With My Neighbor' | Gabriela Martina, friend to our Boston office, spoke to Wbur about how she found a new way to create connection while highlighting her current economic reality, you can read and listen to learn more about her and 'Dinner With My Neighbor.'


A Ticketmaster For Science Seminars | Despite physical isolation, MIT mathematicians build a one-stop portal to online talks around the world. In just a few weeks, the site has drawn about half a million pageviews, from visitors in 160 countries.

MIT News

Climate Change & Sustainability; the Role of Education | An inspiring conversation between the University of Zurich's VP for Research Michael Schaepman, and the University of Bern’s Thomas F. Stocker, discussing pathways to address the climate crisis and the critical role higher education should play.

Universitas 21

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