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Hi, it is Alicia Evangelista, head of Innovation+ at swissnex Boston. After we prepped promising Swiss startups for CES 2020, I followed up with them in Las Vegas. They did impressively well there – read more about it below!

I am also pleased to highlight the work of my colleagues in Academic Relations and Arts+, with some fascinating insights about the hunt for exoplanets and the work of Swiss artist Christina Baeriswyl. 

Alicia Evangelista
Head of Innovation+


Lately at swissnex Boston


Prepping Swiss Companies for CES 2020 | We offered pitch training to 12 startups for CES, one of the most important electronic trade fairs in the World. Some of them did remarkably well in Las Vegas, notably Xsensio, which won the Swiss start-up pitch contest as well as a CES Innovation Award.

Picturing Life as a Journey | We collaborated with Christina Baeriswyl, who illustrated the individual trajectories of a few swissnex alumni. The Swiss artist answered some of our questions about her work on this project.

How Exoplanets Forever Changed our Worldview | During our space exploration event Willy Benz, director of the space telescope CHEOPS, explained the outstanding contribution of Switzerland in exoplanetary science. We interviewed him, together with MIT astrophysicist George Ricker.


Next Events


Café des Sciences #102 

(In French) Prédire les effets des médicaments et des dispositifs médicaux sur la peau grâce à une plateforme de tests ex-vivo. 
Thursday, January 23 | info and RSVP

Sensory Overload | swissnex event

How does multi-sensory perception function in the brain? LASER Boston will explore this theme with three speakers across the arts and sciences.

Tuesday, February 7 | info and RSVP

Boston's Most Influential Women Gala 

Join the Harvard Club of Boston for the 6th Anniversary of Boston's Most Influential Women Celebration.

Wednesday, February 12 | info and RSVP

Cross-pollination between Arts, Academia and the Market | swissnex event

In collaboration with the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel, this event showcases how artistic practices are influenced by these intersections. 
Thursday, February 13 | details to come

Swiss Sciences Night | swissnex event

Join swissnex Boston and Switzerland’s top universities, research institutions and companies for the 10th annual Swiss Sciences Night.

Friday, February 21 | info and RSVP

MIT European Career Fair 

MIT annual recruiting European Club to connect US students and young professionals with European companies, universities and NGOs.

Saturday, February 22 | info and RSVP

Press Review: CH in the US


A Brain Implant Erases your Ability to Swim | More than 150'000 patients worldwide wear a Swiss made Medtronic implant to alleviate Parkinson's symptoms. Some of them surprisingly lost their ability to swim, according to a research led at the University of Zurich. In the US, the FDA has changed its safety notice for the device.

New York Times


A Fully Encrypted Web-Based Schedule | The Swiss Company ProtonMail will bring the encryption of its email services to the calendar of their customers. Popular in the US, ProtonMail gets one step closer from providing an encrypted version of Google services.



A new Generation of Swiss Typographers  | The American design magazine Wallpaper has selected the best students works combining typography, graphic elements and layout techniques. Land of the Helvetica, Switzerland lives up to its reputation with no less than two nominees out of nine.


Now You Know



MEIG Programme | Deadline 2020-2021 February 15
Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance at the University of Geneva, in cooperation with the UN Office. Learn more.

Future Food Fellowship | Deadline March 31
Postdoctoral program by Swiss Future Food Initiative targeting issues such as nutrition, production, packaging and health. Learn more.

UZH International Summer Schools | Deadline April 26
The three programs on offer: Deep Dive into Blockchain, Finance for the Future, and How Switzerland got rich. Dates 5 - 24 July 2020. Applications open now.


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